Once Upon a Time...

Her voice is like a bell
She’s our sister, Ariel

Cinderella, You’re as lovely as your name

Quentin Tarantino was on an interview with BBC America and he was talking about the famous Pulp Fiction (1995) twist and Quentin said he wanted Mia Wallace and Vince Vega’s personalities to show through the dance. He got the idea for Mia Wallace’s dance moves from Dutchess in Disney’s The Aristocats film (1971)

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irish is such a shady language because hello is “dia duit” but directly translated it means “god be with you” and when someone says hello back they say “dia is muire duit” which means “god and mary be with you” .. its like “i see your god and i raise you the holy virgin whatcha gonna do bout it bitch”

irish isnt a language…

Ith mo thóin



flower power (◡‿◡✿)

Disney Parks + animated outfit study